Manufacturing of Eurohead Caps

1) Raw Material

  • LDPE used for moulding is imported from Basell / Borealis / Ineos (Compatible to injection moulding and blow moulding process) depending on the customer requirements.

  • Bromo Butyl Discs are sourced from ISO 9000 accredited company, complying with the standards of IP / BP / USP and relevant international specifications

2) Moulding

  • Moulding is done using sophisticated and digitally controlled moulding machine. Moulds are equipped with Hot Runner systems to ensure quality finish and minimization of wastage.

3) Process

Assembly is done in class 10,000 area clean room.

  • 100% visual checking is done at the time of assembling.
  • Assembled Euroheads are double packed and then sterilized by EO using validated sterilization process.

4) Analysis / Testing

  • Material is chemically and biologically tested as I.S. / IP / BP / Inhouse standards.
  • Final product is tested for sterility and chemical.
  • Residual EO tests are randomly conducted for checking of remains of EO gas

5) Customers

  •   We supply our material to reputed pharma majors in India and outside India and multinational companies.