Product Innovation & Customization

A number of our products have been developed in close association with Hoechst India , the Indian counterpart of Hoechst A.G.

We at Servo-Med believe that innovation and adaptation is essential to meet diverse requirements of our valued customers and are capable of customizing our products to meet specific requirements.

Moulding Capability, assembly & sterilization

Our assembly section is a documented Class 10,000 area Clean Room.

Besides being in a position to customize the product to meet with specific requirements (if any), we ensure that our products comply with ISO Standards. Our Moulding Capability, assembly and in-house sterilization facilities enable us to manufacture high quality product.

We offer product flexibility / customization, consistent quality and timely delivery.

Highly Trained & Experienced Personnel

Servo-Med has always considered its Human Resources pool as a vital and valuable asset. We have talented, capable and experienced personnel who share the belief of giving total customer satisfaction, by giving high quality products and service.

Validation & Work force :

Servo-Med is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company. It has adopted a robust system of validation; with internal and external audits and equipment validation.

This allows us to have a dynamic system with checks and balances in place. It also offers the much needed flexibility to respond to challenges that are thrown up from time to time.

Workforce : We have a motivated, trained and qualified team of people. Everyone receives appropriate and regular training to enhance and upgrade their skills and abilities. A special emphasis is placed on communicating in the local language with persons on the shop floor. Efforts are made to constantly involve the “team” in decision making. Regular health check up is carried out in the factory.